[13.09.22] Together with ATTICA GROUP, we celebrated the three new AERO Highspeed
vessels yesterday, at an inauguration event held at the Port of Piraeus in the

ERO Highspeed 1, 2 and 3 left our shipyard in Hyen in July and arrived in Greece the 1st of August. They were immediately deployed on the Saronic routes, where they were warmly welcomed.
“This day is very important for Attica Group but also for the Greek passenger shipping, as the three AEROs are the first new-built vessels joining the Greek coastal fleet, 10 years after the arrival of Blue Star Patmos, the latest coastal shipping new-built also delivered to Attica Group, in June 2012”, Attica Group writes in a press release today.

Foto: Br. Aa AS

First vessels of our new design
The new, state-of-the-art Aeros boast an ultra-modern design and innovative features that will significantly upgrade the travel experience for the over 3 million passengers travelling annually on the Saronic routes.
“We are very pleased and proud to see that our vessels now are sailing in the demanding Greek Seas, trusted by one of the largest European ferry operators”, Tor Øyvin Aa, CEO of Brødrene Aa said.
These are the first vessels of Brødrene Aa’s new AERO design, representing a new standard for both passenger and the environment. The extremely light construction of carbon fiber contributes to a reduction of fuel consumption and air emissions.

On yesterday’s event Mr. Spyros Paschalis, CEO of Attica Group, stated:
“The investment in the AERO Highspeed vessels contributes to the reduction of Attica Group’s environmental footprint and the gradual transition to a low-carbon, greener and more competitive economy, enhancing sustainable development, among others through low fuel consumption and reduced emissions due to the vessels’ lighter construction material, as well as the installation of photovoltaic units (solar panels) which generate the energy required for all lighting and energy consumption of the accommodation area.

With this investment we carefully implement our business plan to strengthen our market leading position in line with international requirements of the ferry industry. Moreover, we reaffirm our long-term commitment to continuous improvement of the services provided to the Greek islands, to their local communities and to the growth of the Greek economy.”

Foto: Br. Aa AS

Built during a pandemic
The three new vessels were built during Covid, a period of insecurity.
“We are grateful that Attica Group decided to invest in our new Aero design, and that they did this amid a pandemic. They were inspired and wanted to go ahead with the process all the way, despite the external factors. Together we have developed smart and efficient solutions, and we are very pleased with the cooperation and the strong partnership we have established. Hopefully, this is the start of an era with more Aero-vessels, designed for the future”, Tor Øyvin Aa, CEO of Brødrene Aa said.

Mr. Spyros Paschalis, CEO of Attica Group, elaborates:
“In a period of intense financial difficulties due to the global pandemic, as well as to the geopolitical and energy crisis in Europe, this investment strongly reaffirms our Group’s long-term commitment to sustainable development while incorporating ESG criteria in every new investment project and in our daily operation and at the same time, to our material contribution to the national effort for the growth of the Greek economy.”

Offers high level of comfort
Each vessel has a maximum speed of 32,2 knots at full load, total length 36 meters, width 9.7 meters and carrying capacity of 150 passengers.
The innovative interior layout guarantees a high level of comfort and service to the passengers, offering:

• a comfortable trip even in rough seas, resulting from the innovative hull form and upgraded ride control system,
• spacious passenger accommodation area with large windows providing excellent view and ample natural light,
• overhead luggage bins, as well as specially designated luggage areas,
• special provisions for the facilitation of passengers with reduced mobility,
• dedicated area for bicycle transportation,
• dedicated air-conditioned kennels for pets.

About Brødrene Aa
Brødrene Aa is a world leader in the construction of fast ferries made of carbon fiber composites. The shipyard is in Hyen on the west coast of Norway and employs 170 skilled workers.
The company is known for pioneering the use of composite materials for fast ferry applications, first with fiberglass composites in the 1970s and today with carbon fiber composites.
For more information: www.braa.no

Tor Øyvin Aa, CEO of Brødrene Aa, phone: +47 950 57 187